What Are The 4 Principles of 81 Brent?

The 4 principles of 81 Brent are Smart Design, Sustainable Site, Water Efficiency, and Energy Efficiency. These 4 principles ensure the home was designed, constructed and maintained to be both efficient and healthy.  

Smart Design

This smart design optimizes site potential, minimizes non-renewable energy consumption, maximizes water conservation, and allows for home automation e.g. controlling and managing building systems such as lighting and heating.

Minimizing Impact

The design and systems of 81 Brent make this home smart.  Building materials were obtained and or manufactured locally to minimize the energy used in their transportation. The frame of the house was manufactured off-site, to minimize waste and maximize recycling. Environmentally preferable products were used throughout home to ensure responsible production and consumption.

Sustainable Site

The environment surrounding 81 Brent was considered before, during and after construction. The sustainable landscape, surface water management and site stewardship allowed for a truly sustainable site.

The Environment In Mind

The sustainable landscape consisting of drought tolerant, native and non-invasive plants coupled with the rainwater harvesting system benefit the environment by encouraging ecological diversity, creating a space for wildlife to live, and reducing the use of resources by the gardener.  

Water Efficiency

The home appliances and fixtures use less water than your average home. The solar hot water panels produce heat to minimize the usage of resources for heating water. 81 Brent has a beautiful water feature that not only collects the the rainwater from the roof and uses it for irrigation, but also feeds the natural habitat.

Having Water Sense

Water efficient shower-heads, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines reduce water use and the rainwater harvesting system recycles rainwater to irrigate the sustainable landscape.

Energy Efficiency

81 Brent's design, appliances, fixtures and systems help provide renewable and sustainable energy. 81 Brent achieved tier 3 from ENERGY STAR making it 45% more efficient than a typical home in Massachusetts.

Saving and Reusing

The efficient windows, insulation, lighting, ENERGY STAR appliances, solar  electric and hot water rooftop panels, home automation and heating system help to conserve energy.