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81 Brent is currently under a ‘Greenovation’. Something we call The 2.0 Project!


81 Brent is Dorchester’s #1 LEED Platinum Home, and is one of Boston’s greenest homes. 81 Brent showcases the many ways to develop sustainably.

What does this mean?

81 Brent demonstrates ways to conserve energy, reduce and reuse, be more water and energy efficient and provide healthy living space. All of these things were considered from design to construction to ensure a healthy and efficient home.

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Our Top Priorities

  • Redesign 81 Brent to contain EVEN more content (LEED Rating, Cost Savings, Videos, Pictures, etc)
  • Promote our partners that helped us develop our home
  • Blog with the latest in Green Tech, and other cool things
  • Interactive website that will engage you in many different ways
  • Complete the website free producing cake maker (still in beta)
  • View photo’s from our Flickr feed Here